WP2: Platforms

A central part of time domain astrophysics is sharing information about new transient phenomena and improving the reaction, i.e. dedicated follow-up observations. The MOTS project aims at improving both aspects. We can build on significant expertise and existing platforms that we will further connect and integrate thanks to the project.


Astro-COLIBRI evaluates incoming messages of astronomical observations in real time, filters them by user specified criteria and puts them into their MWL and MM context. Modern clients provide a graphical representation with an easy to grasp summary of the relevant data to allow for the fast identification of interesting phenomena and provides an assessement of observing conditions at a large selection of observatories around the world. 



Fink’s primary task is to collect, filter, extract the scientific information and re-distribute interesting candidates to the astronomical community using machine learning tools, and operating in real time on large computing infrastructures. Fink was selected as one of the official brokers that will be in charge of the full LSST data stream able to bridge the gap between several experiments of the next decade that will observe transient objects and that will rely on LSST to fully scientifically exploit their data.

The FINK science portal is available here: FINK Science portal 


GRANDMA is a network of ground facilities dedicated to time domain astronomy. It is mainly dedicated to the electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational waves candidates detected by LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA.


TeVCat is the standard catalogue of sources detected in the very-high-energy γ-ray domain and provides a wealth of wealth of crucial information.